Welcome to the Open Learning Commons

The Open Learning Commons is an electronic medium where members mutually share questions and findings as a community of mutual support. We welcome learners to join us online as individuals, or as teams.

A variety of technologies enable conversations, ranging from slower-deliberate pacing to a faster-ephemeral pacing. Cooperation can be conducted in public, or in semi-private spaces.

Call for participation
Function Via web browser
Via apps Software Visibility (read) Edit privileges Content licensing Where to ask for help?
Slowest changing tool openlearning.cc for public cooperation in an open commons 1. Orienting landing site openlearning.cc Grav Open Internet OLC stewards CC-BY-SA
Open Learning Commons: Ask the OpenLearning team in the Basecamp channel ; or Message a moderator in discussion
2. Evolving card collections across diverging and converging perspectives wiki.openlearning.cc Federated Wiki Open Internet OLC invited member can claim wiki subdomains(s) CC-BY-SA
3. Sensemaking on categorized threads of posts and responses discuss.openlearning.cc [on Google Play]

[on Apple App Store]
Discourse Open Internet OLC invited members CC-BY-SA

diglife.coop for selective cooperation in a semi-private zone
4. Coauthoring towards a single text in real-time or asynchronously notepad.diglife.coop CodiMD Open - private, set by editors Diglife members selected © by named editors
Digital Life Collective: Ask the Diglife team in the !Help Desk channel
5. Adding and reordering priorities of activities, on boards of lists wekan.diglife.coop Wekan Open - private, set by editors Diglife members selected © by named editors
Fastest changing tool 6. Streaming team broadcasts, in selectable (tune in, tune out) channels chat.diglife.coop
[on Google Play]

[on Apple App Store]

[Desktop App] for Windows, MacOS, Linux
Mattermost Public channels Members at large in Diglife CC-BY-NC-SA
Private channels Included invitees in Diglife © by author
Direct messages Privileged correspondents in diglife © by author

Content is contributed towards the public good by member individuals. The Open Learning Commons aligns with some organizational affiliations.